Seminars Timing Collapse Financial System


Thoroughly research and study from most reliable sources, have resulted in an Exclusive Seminar regarding the Timing of the Collapse of the Financial System.


Secondary Seminar – ( Lecture 4 Hours )

This seminar is a secondary Lecture of 4 Hours, as follow up to the Initial Lecture. Before attending this seminar one of the three initial seminars are required. ( 100 * ROI Seminars, Limited Edition, or VVIP Seminars )


Initial Summery

The Lecture from the Initial seminars is shortly summarized recalled, such as the Collapse of the Financial System is discussed, with the planned Transfer of Wealth. And the Perfect Business DNA, and the Law of 100 * ROI.


New Payment – System & Structure

The New Payment system & structure will be revealed. The new Elite controlled structure. 



There will be delay with the implementation of the system, due to different reasons. This will be exposed in great details. Backed up by Documentaries and Articles proving the Timing.


Collateral / Backbone

Gold will be again the backbone. But the transfer of wealth is partly in Gold. This will be explained during the Initial Seminars.



With great accuracy, a very intense lecture will be given. Giving a full clear insight towards the chronological occurrences of the collapse of the Financial System. Which will not happen in the next coming 7 years. All present estimations and speculations are wrong.


Security of Unstoppable Momentum

There will be also great detail explanation, about the unstoppable Momentum which is created. This means that the 100 * ROI will be a fact. The Transfer of Wealth is very clearly explained in the Initial Seminars & This seminar Together.


Date of Seminar

12 Exclusive Seminars are planned for Mid 2016 regarding this topic.


Knowledge Level-03

This seminar unlocks Knowledge Level-03, which will be open 7 days after the seminar d



100xROI Methodology