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The Collapse of Financial System

The Collapse of the Financial System is planned. Our 25 Chapthers Documentary "The Collapse" provides unpresidented prove and insight.

The 100 Times ROI Events are made to assure that you have the insight how to benefit from this Collapse, and how to Intercept the Biggest Tranfer of Wealth ever. And how to ensure a fantastic 100 Times Return on your Investment.


Research > 40 Years

The Speaker at the Events Admar Van Der Heijden , has been active over 40 years in International Trade, Investments, and Invested an intense Research about "The Collapse". This has resulted in The 25 Chapters Documentary "The Collapse", and the 100 Times ROI Methodology to intercept the Biggest Tranfer of Wealth in our unprecedented 100 Times ROI Events. A true Enlightment for any Investor.


Seminar 100 Times ROI

This is a Direct Result Event. At the Direct Result Seminar Benmark Matrix  there is a clear overview what is included in the 100 Times ROI Events . 


Value for Money

The 100 Times ROI Events are  containing a fantastic value for money;

- Insight in 7 Major Topic as described in the 100 Times ROI Event Page

- Introduction to Timing of the Financial Collapse Events

- Knowledge Data Base with > 200 Documentaries & Video's

100 Times ROI Bonus Package

- 6 Fantastic Guarantees 

Pre-IPO House of Brilliance 

Unique about the 100 Times ROI Event, is that the speaker has selected a Pre-IPO House of Brilliance , who has all the requirements to benefit from the Collapse of the Financial System

- Pre-IPO Stage - Hybrid Investment Fund - IPO Year 2021

- Intercepting the Biggest Tranfer of Wealth

- In Compliance with 100 Times ROI Methodology

- Investment in Clean Water, Air, Soil & Energy

- 3 Public Offerings, Non Risk Guarantee accomplished by Pre-IPO Position

- First Rights, Second Rights and Placement Guarantee IPO & SPO

- Oversubscription IPO, SPO, TPO

- Milstones IPO, SPO, TPO


100 Times ROI Bonus Package & Guarantees

The Tickets are with following Bonus Package & Guarantees

- 500 Complimentary Shares of Pre-IPO House of Brilliance

- Risk Free Investment Positioning USD 18,000 during 3 Public Offerings

- Investment growth expected from USD 18,000 into USD 1,800,000

  ( Compound Interest 25.2% x 28 Years, 95% Investment > Year 6 )

- 100 Times ROI Guarantee

- First Rights, Second Rights and Placement Guarantee IPO & SPO

- Risk Free Investment Guarantee

- Money Back Guarantee


Risk Free Investment & Growth To USD 1,800,000 

The Bronze Ticket (USD 450 Pre-Book) comes with 500 Complimentary Shares  These Pre-IPO Shares provide the possibility for an Risk Free Investment  of 40 Times the Ticket amount to USD 18,000. At the moment of Investment the Liquidity position of the Publicly tradable shares are forcast at 195% during the TPO.

After the Risk Free Execution of the First Rights the Share Position is increased by 200% of the Pre-IPO position (  from 500 to 1,500 Shares ). These Shares are expected to increase to USD 1,200.00 each, and result in a  100xROI of USD 1,800,000. 


One Minute Decision & USD 450

Sign Up and attend this Unpresidented 100 Times ROI Event.   Expand your knowledge, Recuperate Your Investment Power. Understand the Investment Possibility, and benefit from the fantastic opportunities. Checkout Our World Tour , and buy Today Your Bronze Ticket  (USD 450 Pre-Book). If You are not satisfied, you can use the Money Back Guarantee.


Event on Demand USD 225

From June 30th 2019, we open our World Tour Events on Demand. The Events on Demand are with Subtiteling in 19 different laungages. You can watch one Event twice during 7 days for only USD 225. For more info check the Ticket Pages.



After you have attended the Event, you will understand clearly the difference between the 6 Different Tickets, shown in the Ticket Matrix. You the have the possibility to  Upgrade your Ticket.