Guaranteed 100 Times ROI Seminars

The Collapse of Financial System

The Collapse of the Financial System is near, and there are people who understand the new strategy required to make huge money during the transfer from the old system towards the new system.


Research > 30 Years

The Speaker at the Seminars Adrianus Van Der Heijden, has been active over 30 years with his companies in International Trade, and funded intense Research & Study. This has resulted in this unprecedented seminar. A true Enlightment for any Investor.


Seminar 100 * ROI

This is a direct result seminar. In the Seminar Matrix there is a clear overview what is included in the seminar. Clear Focus on 7 Major Topics


Seminar Content Matrix

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Value for Money

The Seminar, is absolute containing a fantastic value for money, and contains on 5 area’s, unprecedented value.

- Insight in 7 Major Topic as Described in Seminar Section

- Introduction to Seminar Timing Financial Collapse

- Knowledge Data Base with > 200 Documentaries & Video’s

- 100 * ROI Bonus Package

- Limited Edition Investment Possibility 200 * ROI

- Guarantees 5 x



House of Brilliance

Unique about this seminar, is that the speaker has selected a House of Brilliance, who has all the requirements of structure to benefit from the Collapse, And which has strong -synergetic leverage- between

- The Strength of Original Business Case,

- The ( Hyper ) Inflation and

- The planned Transfer of Wealth / Collapse of Fin. System.


Risk Free Investment & Growth To USD 270,000 

The Bronze Ticket ( USD 180 Pre-Book ) comes with 200 Complimentary Shares. These Pre-IPO Shares provide the possibility for an Risk Free Investment of 40 Times the Ticket amount to USD  7,200. At the moment of Investment the Liquidity position of the Publicly tradable shares are forcast at 195% during the TPO.

After the Execution of the First Rights the Share Position is 300% of the Pre-IPO position. So raised from 200 to 600 Shares. These Shares are expected to raise to USD 450.00 each and Value USD 270,000. What is a 37.5 * ROI to thal Investment  after execution of First Rights.


One Minute Decision

Sign Up and attend this Unprecedented Seminar. Expand your knowledge. Recuperate Your Investment Power. Understand the Investment Possibility, and create a fantastic opportunity to Invest in this Limited Edition. If You are not satisfied, you are fully reimbursed, using the Money Back Guarantee.



Affter you have attended the seminar, you understand clearly the difference between the 5 Different Tickets, shown in the Ticket Matrix. You can Upgrade your Ticket after the Seminar.