Event Topic - 100xROI Methodology2

Collapse of Financial System

The Collapse of the Financial System is a Fact, which is the result of the self-destructive system of the Federal Reserve, authorized to print the USD, owned by a group of Bankers, and lending this back to the US Governement with Intrest

The USD was disconnected from the Gold Standard by Nixon, and supported by the Agreements with the Opec Countries.


LAW of International Treaties

The NWO is being announced by almost every State of a Country, and is the objective towards where the Elite will push the new Structure. 117 Countries have signed a one world government.


Trade Quota protecting in the past countries intrest are removed already in 2005 and have created a complete new World of Trade and possibilities.


LAW of Clean Concience

The Law of Clean Concience has an impact on each and everyone. Examples are Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Soil. Abusing the World has come to an end. Companies who ignore this or violate this will be doomed to fail. This will a key componant for a succesfull business.



MATH of Stock Market

Heading towards the Collapse of the Financial System, the Stock Market will behave in a predictable way, and have a certain math


The Perfect Business DNA

The Perfect Business DNA is defined, based on new Trade arrangement, New Finacial System and the Transfer of the old towards the new System


LAW of 100 Times ROI

A Law has been discovered to assure a 100 Times ROI. This Law is explained during the seminar.


Timing of Collapse

A separate 4 Hour Seminar is orgenised for Diamond Tcikets only for the Timing of the Collapse of the Financial System. Trual and intensive study with most realizable sources have been executed, to guarantee a very accurate timing of the Collapse



100xROI Methodology