About Us

1) 100xROI Events

100xROI Events is providing Unpresidented insight in the planned new financial system. We provide full evidence of the Collapse of the Financial System and the planned Huge Transfer of Wealth.

We have developed an, Unpresidented Methodology, and Laws which are revealed to Attendees, to understand how to benefit of the Huge Transfer of Wealth instead of becoming a victum of the Collapse.


100xROI Toolkit

An superb 100xROI Toolkit is available, including special developed Share Monitoring Software.  Details are revealed during the 100xROI Events.



Each Event is divided in 2 parts. The first part is focesing on the Collapse of The Financial System, The Hudge Transfer of Wealth and 9 Laws which create 100 Times ROI. The second part is focussing on a complimentary hand picked House of Brillance.  This House of Brilliance will create the guaranteed 100xROI, which is complimentary with each ticket.


2) Direct Result Event – ( 100xROI )

Unique is that the 100xROI Event is a Direct Result Seminar, each ticket is with Complimentary 100xROI Bonus Shares of a Hand Picked House of Brilliance. Providing First Rights for planned IPO, SPO and TPO. Additional 6 Guartantees are provided for each event attendee.

3) Documentary The Collapse

Comprehensive research over more then 12 Years has resulted in a 24 Chapters Documentary "The Collapse". In this documentary we provide full prove about the planned Collapse of the Financial System.

Unreal but fact, is that we have mapped the Timing of The Collapse. We have used the most trustworthy sources possible to map this information. This will be presented in VVIP Timing of the Collapse Events. This strategic Information will be shared after the TPO of the Strategic Investment Fund, exclusively for VVIP Brilliant Clean Water Investors.


4) Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate people all over the World about how to protect themself against The Collapse and benefit from the planned Collapse of the Financial System.  Additional our Mission is to restore the World as God has created it, Clean Water, Clean Soil, and Clean Air. Rebuilding the Raindrops.

The Huge Transfer of Wealth will be intercepted by Houses of Brilliance.

The 100xROI Events educates attendees to recognize these Houses of Brilliance.


5) Brilliant Mult Color People

Brilliant Multi Color People is a group of Brilliant Experts in Key Fields, with each of them 15 – 42 years of Experience in their own Field, such as International Trade, Finance, Technical Equipement, R&D, Patents, Software, IT, Media, Publishing, QA etc.


5) Chairman & CEO / Board of Directors

Admar Van Der Heijden is Founder, Chairman / CEO of Brilliant Multi Color People. Members of the Board of Directors are; Josep Flaque, Guus Pijnenburg, Rinusjan Van Der Heijden and Hans Bense.


6) Offices

BMCP has its main office in Dubai, and additional offices in London, Netherlands, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.