100xROI Bonus

100 * ROI Bonus Section

In the 100 * ROI Bonus Section, you will find a brief explanation how the 100 * ROI Bonus works. In the 100 * ROI Bonus Matrix you can see per Ticket the Spreadsheet View.


100 * ROI Guarantee ( USD 90.00 per Share )

Every Ticket is with Bonus Shares of a Hand Picked House of Brilliance. The shares given complimentary are with the ticket are provided at a rate of USD 0.90. These Shares are guaranteed to raise to USD 90.00 by 2030. 


First Rights on PO’s

The Shares are given complimentary with the Ticket. These Shares are Including the First Right of Existing Share holders during the moments of Public Offerings, at an Fixed IPO, SPO and TPO Rate.


First Rights on Public Offerings ( 200 % )

The Existing Shareholders have the First Right to purchase

- 20.0 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at IPO @ USD 4.50

- 66.6 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at SPO @ USD 13.50

- 50.0 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at TPO, @ USD 23.40


A excellent Understanding can be seen at The 100 * ROI Bonus Matrix, and of course at the VVIP Edition 37.5 * ROI Matrix


Risk Free Investment & Growth To USD 270,000

The Bronze Ticket ( USD 180 Pre-Book ) comes with 200 Complimentary Shares. These Pre-IPO Shares provide the possibility for an Risk Free Investment of 40 Times the Ticket amount to USD  7,200. At the moment of Investment the Liquidity position of the Publicly tradable shares are forcast at 195% during the TPO.


After the Execution of the First Rights the Share Position is 300% of the Pre-IPO position. So raised from 200 to 600 Shares. These Shares are expected to raise to USD 450.00 each and Value USD 270,000 What is a 37.5 * ROI to thal Investment  after execution of First Rights.



In the Second part of the Seminar this will be clearly explained. To Understand it Fully the Complete Seminar Insight is required.